Lenovo 360 Circle Drives Sustainable Impact Through Partnership

Be a part of the Lenovo 360 Circle community! Explore the power of innovation and teamwork in creating change for a future that offers meaning and opportunities to everyone.

  • March 14, 2024 | Author: Alan Strakey
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Sustainability has become a focal point for businesses aiming to make an impact and ensure long-term success. Surveys show that 90 percent of business leaders see sustainability as crucial, yet only 60 percent have strategies in place. Lenovo has been at the forefront of sustainable innovation, leveraging collaboration as a key strategy to drive scale and achieve impacts faster. 


Given the challenges posed by climate change and environmental issues, Lenovo is committed to embedding sustainability across its operations to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. However, the company acknowledges that addressing these challenges requires efforts with partners and customers to bring about meaningful changes for a more sustainable future filled with opportunities for all.


The Lenovo 360 Circle Connects Partners 

Lenovo’s sustainability vision is encapsulated in its Lenovo 360 Circle initiative. It brings together partners with like-minded organizations to align ESG goals and capitalize on emerging market trends driven by sustainability for business prospects.


By encouraging teamwork and knowledge sharing, the community strives to unify the Lenovo ecosystem with a shared goal: to enhance our combined efforts in addressing the challenges humanity is currently confronting. By collaborating with partners, progress can be achieved efficiently and effectively as a collective unit.


Reason to Join the Lenovo 360 Circle Community

Through participation in the Lenovo 360 Circle, partners receive access to resources, tools and expert assistance for integrating sustainability practices into their operations and supply chains.


Partners also have the chance to represent their customers’ interests in shaping a new portfolio of sustainability solutions. This comprehensive approach contributes to well-being and adds value for all parties involved, promoting a culture of shared responsibility and collaborative action.


As Lenovo strives towards a more sustainable future, its collaborative approach showcases the significance of partnerships in instigating positive transformations. We stand stronger together through alliances with partners and potential collaborators via initiatives like the Lenovo 360 Circle.


All registered Lenovo partners on Lenovo Partner Hub are eligible to join the Lenovo 360 Circle community. Discover information regarding Lenovo’s Sustainability Solutions and how we can work towards a greener, more prosperous world.

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