Lenovo Tech World 2023: Unveiling The Future Of AI For All

Lenovo's Tech World 2023 showcased a commitment to democratizing AI, emphasizing "AI for All." With a $1 billion investment backed by high-performance computing power, unrivaled PC expertise and a comprehensive approach to turnkey, AI-enabled solutions, Lenovo isn’t just ready for AI, it’s driving AI forward for all of us.

  • November 15, 2023 | Author: Alan Strakey
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Lenovo is going all in on AI.


During Lenovo Tech World 2023 on Oct. 24, 2023, Lenovo showcased its most advanced capabilities, focusing strongly on its vision of "AI for All." The event brought together innovators, global partners and technology enthusiasts to explore how Lenovo is leveraging the power of AI to drive intelligent transformation in every aspect of our lives and across various industries. 


From the Pocket to the Cloud—AI For All

From handheld devices to cloud computing, Lenovo's AI vision aims to make AI accessible to everyone, empowering individuals with the ability to unlock endless possibilities. Lenovo is dedicated to harnessing AI's potential by providing personalized knowledge that prioritizes data privacy and security. The outcome is a smarter, more inclusive and sustainable world.


Investing in AI Innovation

Furthermore, as part of their commitment to advancing AI innovation, Lenovo recently announced a $1 billion investment in this field. Lenovo shared its dynamic approach toward hybrid AI, emphasizing the coexistence of public, private and personal foundation models. This approach ensures that Lenovo's AI functions exclusively within devices or securely on on-premises servers without publicly sharing information or entering open training datasets. The result is more secure, robust and personalized AI solutions.


New Hybrid AI Solutions for Gen AI Adoption

During the recent event, Lenovo and  NVIDIA announced an expansion of their partnership. They are now introducing innovative hybrid solutions and collaborating on engineering projects that align with their shared vision of making generative AI accessible across all data creation points, from edge to cloud.


With the support of Lenovo's newly established AI Professional Services Practice, these solutions empower enterprises to adopt a hybrid cloud approach. This involves leveraging NVIDIA's AI Foundations cloud service to develop custom AI models, which can be seamlessly executed on premises using Lenovo systems equipped with NVIDIA's latest hardware and software designed for generative AI tasks.


The collaboration aims to create next-generation systems based on NVIDIA's adaptable MGX modular reference design. These systems will offer a broad range of robust and secure solutions tailored for demanding generative AI workloads. Businesses can implement cognitive decisions at scale by harnessing NVIDIA's Omniverse platform.  


Computing Gets Smarter with AI

One of the standout moments of the event was the unveiling of a concept by Lenovo—a smartphone with an adaptive display that can be flexed and molded into various forms based on user preferences. Additionally, Lenovo introduced updates to Project Chronos—an innovative motion capture solution powered by AI. Lenovo’s collaboration with NVIDIA to develop the DRIVE Thor platform will deliver the most powerful computer for in-vehicle use.  


As part of their focus on intelligent solutions, Lenovo has introduced the Enterprise AI Twin concept, which combines deep knowledge of enterprises while prioritizing data privacy and security. This AI Twin can be applied in various scenarios, such as assisting employees with travel planning or helping supply chain teams mitigate risks using publicly available AI information.


Lenovo is leading the charge in democratizing AI by offering a comprehensive portfolio tailored to meet the needs of both consumers and businesses. Their dedication to innovation and partnerships will bring about transformative changes in the industry, enabling channel partners to provide AI solutions to more businesses than ever.


For further updates and announcements from Tech World, please visit Lenovo’s Tech World 2023 homepage, where you can watch keynote presentations, demos and more.

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