The CIO AI Playbook 2024 Is A Game-Changer For Lenovo 360 Partners

The IDC CIO e-book provides valuable perspectives on current attitudes and strategies regarding integrating AI, along with the primary foci for business and IT investments, major obstacles, and essential financial commitments to drive forward their digital business strategies in 2024.

  • June 5, 2024 | Author: Alan Strakey
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Staying ahead of the artificial intelligence (AI) curve is essential for channel partners looking to grow their business and meet the ever-evolving needs of their customers. The recent IDC e-book, "CIO Playbook 2024: Entering the Age of AI Everywhere," sponsored by Lenovo, offers valuable insights into how AI influences business and technology strategies in today's companies.


According to the e-book's findings, AI is not just a trend, but a game-changer that will significantly impact business outcomes. With 93 percent of IT and business decision-makers (ITBDMs) recognizing AI's game-changing potential, channel partners can capitalize on this momentum to establish themselves as strategic technology providers capable of guiding organizations through the complexities and interconnectedness of AI for success.


Entering the Age of AI Everywhere

One crucial lesson for channel partners is the focus on adopting AI technologies and prioritizing investments. The e-book underscores generative AI (GenAI) as a critical area for investment, with 43 percent viewing it as a transformational tool that will revolutionize their operational approaches. Additionally, half of ITBDMs acknowledge the necessity to invest in GenAI capabilities to keep up with their competition.


The e-book highlights the significance of making infrastructure decisions that align with organizational AI strategies. It focuses on the use of hybrid cloud deployment models and the expected rise in edge computing to support real-time analytics and insights. Currently, only one out of four organizations have an enterprise-wide DataOps strategy in place. Data plays a crucial role in succeeding in today's business landscape, and channel partners can assist in overcoming challenges related to building scalable and effective AI solutions.


Although AI's primary value is productivity, obstacles related to people are hindering progress. Addressing employee job security concerns is a significant hurdle for ITBDMs looking to adopt AI successfully. Reskilling and upskilling workers can help bridge the gap in data and AI skills while alleviating fears of automation replacing human jobs.


Helping Organizations Make Sense of AI

For Lenovo 360 partners seeking to leverage AI as a strategic advantage, the insights shared in the e-book provide valuable guidance on implementing AI effectively across organizations to enhance customer satisfaction and boost revenues. Lenovo can support businesses by evaluating their readiness for AI deployment and addressing organizational gaps by offering tailored solutions based on their requirements and goals.


Download Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group's AI CIO Playbook to discover how businesses strategize and invest in AI technologies for 2024.

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