Lenovo Backup and Recovery Data Solutions

Re-imagine better backup and recovery with cost-effective, powerful and innovative solutions from Lenovo.

  • December 14, 2022 | Author: Alan Strakey
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Preventing data loss from growing internal and external threats and risks, such as cyberattacks, ransomware, malicious or accidental activities and disasters, is a significant challenge for many organizations. The need to protect data, whether at the edge, in the datacenter or in the cloud, adds even more complexity to an organization’s backup and data management architecture.
We know that traditional backup solutions designed to safeguard on-premises data cannot deliver comprehensive data protection across hybrid, multi-cloud environments and applications, putting data at risk and costing your customers time, resources and money. We can help you deploy a simplified, robust, comprehensive and validated solution tailored to a specific environment to address modern data protection challenges.
Keep data available, accessible and secure across hybrid multi-cloud, virtual and physical IT environments, mitigating data loss and downtime risks with Lenovo industry-leading backup and disaster recovery solutions. Watch the video now.

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